Baby fractures skull in Murcia hospital incubator fall in Spain as parents only get €1,420 in compensation

THE parents of a newborn Murcia baby who rolled out of a hospital incubator and suffered a skull fracture have been given €1,420 in compensation.

The incident happened in October 2018 at the Neonatal Unit of Murcia’s Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital.

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The 13-day-old baby fell out of the incubator due to a broken door.

The parents wanted the Murcian Health Service to pay €10,000 for the injuries suffered by their child.

They also demanded a further €8,000 in compensation for the distress caused by the accident.

Murcia’s regional Legal Council(CJRM) only awarded the couple €1,420 on the first part of their claim.

The CJRM said that the regional health service was liable for the incident but added that it was an ‘anomaly’.

They ruled that the reasons behind the distress component of their compensation claim were not strong enough to get any money.

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