Benidorm policeman bravely captures vulture wandering around the Costa Blanca resort in Spain

A Benidorm police officer rescued a disorientated griffon vulture walking around the streets of the Costa Blanca resort last Saturday.

The Policia Local received multiple calls about the bird and an officer named Chema rose to the challenge of bravely capturing it on Avenida Callosa d’en Sarria.

The bird, estimated to be aged around a year, was taken to Alicante’s Santa Fe wildlife sanctuary.

Benidorm Wide Vulture Shot

The griffon vulture is a scavenger that feeds on the carcasses of dead animals.

It breeds in mountain crags and lives in forest areas.

Experts say that young birds can often migrate far, which may explain its the Benidorm appearance.

Spain has one of the biggest griffon vulture colonies in Europe at the Hoces del Rio Duraton Park in the Segovia area of the Castilla y Leon region.

The population has shown significant rises over the last four decades through wildlife conservation work.

Image Credits: SocialDrive Twitter

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