Burst sewage pipeline floods beach area in Spain’s Malaga for second time in 13 days

SEWAGE pipe bursts once again in Sacaba beach making it the second faecal spillage in less than two weeks.

In the previous incident, which took place on Monday, July 4, a sewage spill from a pipe damaged by a construction company, Construcciones Verosa, whilst doing work in the area flooded dozens of vehicles and saw the beach closed for six days.

The pipe was fixed and the beach reopened again several days later, once the water yielded parameters suitable for bathing.

As of yesterday, Monday July 18, the area has been once again placed in the spot-light as yet another sewage pipeline has burst, causing furious neighbours to be up in arms over the repeated incident.

In fact, as pointed out by the president of the neighbourhood’s residents’ association, Fernando Rueda, just two weeks ago people were ‘swimming’ in excrement as they attempted to move the cars parked in the residential car park.

On this occasion, though the damage hadn’t been so severe, “nobody expected a similar situation to happen again” Rueda said, and as soon as they heard of the incident, all the cars were rapidly removed from the car park.

It seems that the company Construcciones Verosa is once again behind the incident.

According to the municipal water company, Emasa, everything is now ‘under control.’ Pending on the municipal technicians, who are still supervising the cleaning work in the area of the rupture, to assess the damage and clarify the causes.

At the moment, the specific causes of the incident are unknown. However, once they have been clarified, the council has announced that ‘appropriate measures’ will be taken.


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