Five years for threatening to burn woman alive for her handbag in Spain’s Castellon

A WOMAN in Castellon has been sentenced to five years in prison for pouring petrol on another and threatening to set her alight in order to steal her handbag.

The assault took place on the morning of February 3, 2019, when the victim was walking through Vall d’Uixo with her 10-month-old daughter.

According to the court sentence made public this week, the attacker suddenly jumped out and doused the mother with petrol and threatened to burn her alive with a lighter she was holding if the victim refused to hand over her bag.

The mother did so immediately out of fear for her own safety and that of the child, prompting the attacker to flee the scene on foot.

Vall Duixo
Vall d’Uixo (Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Moments later, the victim chased after the mugger and demanded that she return the stolen handbag, to which the other woman responded by pushing her over and trying to set her alight again.

At that moment, several onlookers stepped in to restrain the attacker and prevent her from burning the victim alive.   

The police were called and the mugger was arrested and charged with attempted homicide and violent robbery.

In addition to the five-year prison term, the convict has been sentenced to pay the victim €5,000 in moral damages and has been placed under a restraining order from the mother.


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