Former girlfriend arrested after ex-partner is killed and dumped in burning car in Spain’s Murcia region

A Murcia region man is suspected of killing his girlfriend’s ex-partner and then putting the body into a blazing car.

Two people have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Los Alcazares over the incident.

They are understood to be the alleged assailant and the victim’s former partner.

A passing lorry driver reported a car fire at a La Puebla field in the Cartagena area yesterday(August 23) at around 5.00 am.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze with Policia Local officers spotting the burnt body on the back seat.

Reports suggest that the 35-year-old victim left his home at 2.00 am to go to his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Despite the fire, an initial examination of his body showed that he had been subjected to a violent assault.

The main Guardia Civil theory is that the woman’s new partner beat him to death and the couple then tried to dispose of the body by burning it.

The Guardia are awaiting the autopsy results and the investigation remains open and under court secrecy rules.

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