Giant German Hell’s Angel boss accused of running operations in Mallorca acquitted on all charged

AN infamous German Hell’s Angels boss has been acquitted on all charges of organised crime and drug trafficking between 2009 and 2013 after his arrest in Mallorca.

The court in Madrid decided that it had not been proven that Frank Hanebuth, 59, and twelve other defendants formed a criminal enterprise.

Hanebuth relocated to Mallorca in 2012, where he assumed control of the local Hells Angels chapter, and indulged in a life of luxury while expanding the gang’s reach in Spain.

In 2013, Spanish authorities launched ‘Operation Casablanca,’ resulting in Hanebuth’s arrest on a litany of charges relating to Hell’s Angels activities.

Meanwhile, Khalil Youssafi, a prominent lieutenant within the Hells Angels, received a sentence of nine years and 9 months. 

His brother, Abdelghani Youssafi, who did not confess to the charges, faces a two-year prison term related to prostitution. 

However, he was acquitted of other serious allegations, including participation in a criminal organisation, money laundering, and illegal possession of weapons.

The legal proceedings also involved local law enforcement officers. 

One police officer was acquitted of bribery and charges associated with a criminal organisation. 

Another officer from the police force has been temporarily barred from public service for six months due to negligence in prosecuting crimes. 

A Guardia Civil officer faced accusations of bribery and failure to prosecute crimes but received a fine for the unauthorised disclosure of confidential information.

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