Labour inspectors fine Glovo for employing ‘fake’ self-employed in Valencia and Barcelona

DELIVERY Company Glovo has been fined €78.9 million for hiring people under fake self-employment contracts in Barcelona and Valencia.

Spanish broadcaster Cadena Ser reported that more than 8,331 workers in Barcelona and 2,283 in Valencia were ‘falsos autonomos’ (fake self-employed in Spanish).

According to Spanish law, to work legally in Spain drivers should have a labour contract.

Glovo maintained that it is an intermediary in contracting services between drivers and distributors. But labour inspectors disagreed.

In Barcelona, a fine of €39 million has been imposed , with the labour authority demanding another  €24 million in Social Security contributions that should have be paid by Glovo.

Glovers In Barcelona, Spain 01 Jan 2022
Labour inspectors fine Glovo for employing ‘fake’ self-employed in Valencia and Barcelona. Image Cordon Press.

In Valencia, a fine of €10.7 million has been imposed, with another €2.05 million in Social Security contributions.

Spanish Minister of Labour, Yolanda Diaz, said this Wednesday ‘the weight of the law is going to fall on Glovo’.

“This company obstructed the work of the Labor inspection, it is very serious in a social and democratic country and companies have to comply with the law,” she added.

Yolanda Diaz insisted that Glovo has violated the fundamental rights of workers and obstructed the work of labour inspectors.


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