Motorists brake to avoid drunk mum with two children illegally crossing roads in Spain’s Valencia

A drunken mother with two children in a stroller caused problems in Valencia on Saturday after crossing roads with red traffic lights- forcing motorists to suddenly brake.

The woman, 37, then assaulted two Policia Nacional officers who came to arrest her.

Passers-by called emergency services after seeing her in an intoxicated state.

She had to lean on walls and shop windows to avoid collapsing to the ground.

Motorists were forced to make sudden manoeuvres as she stepped out onto roads where traffic lights did not give her the right to cross.

Officers arrived at the scene and noticed the two youngsters were in a state of neglect with dirty clothes on them and unwashed faces.

She was arrested on a charge of child abandonment and eventually provided a phone number for the father so that he could pick up the youngsters.

Her behaviour however worsened as she was led into a police car.

She kicked the vehicle and banged her head against it, before kicking the officers.

The woman was therefore landed with an additional charge of assaulting a law enforcement officer.


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