Police in Spain hunt Mallorca youngsters who videoed themselves flooring drunk man with one slap

Police are looking for a group of youngsters who filmed themselves slapping a drunk man in the face ‘for a laugh’ while on a night out in Cala Millor, Mallorca.

Several young men used their mobile phones to record another one as he knocked the older man, who was obviously inebriated, to the floor.

The victim, who was holding a plastic glass and a lit cigarette, stood stock still as one of the young men slapped him full palm on the side of his face.

Cala Millor
Cala Millor’s beach

The video footage, recorded with two mobile phones and from various angles, shows the victim slamming into the ground with a crack, appearing to narrowly miss smashing his skull against the kerb.

While several can be heard laughing and groaning at the blow, two of the onlookers immediately rush to his side and appear to try and roll him into the recovery position.

The video was uploaded to social media.

The victim later shared a photograph of himself in hospital with local newspaper Ultima Hora, with the words “Admitted to hospital in Manacor with skull fractures and blood clots. All this after fooling around on Friday night”. 

“A group of youngsters have fun while punching a drunk man in Cala Millor”, tweets Ultima Hora newspaper

The Guardia Civil and the Policia Local have opened an investigation and will examine the video footage in a bid to trace those involved.


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