REVEALED: Top five scariest Spanish films to watch this Halloween

THERE’S nothing better on Halloween then scaring yourself senseless.

Here are the top five Spanish horrors to terrify yourself with this Hallows’ Eve.

5. Veronica

In 1991, teenager Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro mysteriously died after using a ouija board to contact dark spirits. Loosely based on these events, Veronica will have you hiding behind your sofa faster than you can say ‘possessed’.

4. Rec

Using Paranormal Activity-esque found footage, Rec follows a news reporter and her camera man to Barcelona. Before long, a killer is on the loose and the doors have been locked. If that isn’t enough to ruin your nights’ sleep, there’s also Rec 2, 3 and 4 to satisfy your sadistic viewing needs.

3. Los ojos de Julia

Julia is haunted by the death of her sister. The authorities say it was suicide, yet she feels there was something much darker to blame. A goose bump inducing thriller, Los ojos de Julia has a twist that will leave your head spinning.

2. Malasana 32

In a country recovering from the Franco dictatorship, the Olmedo family move to a new house in Madrid with dreams of a big city lifestyle. Spoiler alert: things don’t turn out as peachy as they hoped. Think monsters, jump scares and all round disaster.

1. El Orfanato

Laura returns to the orphanage where she spent her youth to raise her son Simon with her husband Carlos. When her son says he has seen other children at the house, she attributes the visions to his active imagination. But when Simon goes missing Laura begins to doubt everything that she once knew.


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