Spanish artist Mariángeles Lázaro Guil unveils incredible tree scultpure in Gorafe’s natural par

IF you are a tree-hugger, then hurry along. You will probably like this show. 

The Spanish sculptor Mariángeles Lázaro Guil is obsessed with the natural world and her latest work of art, created five decades into her career, could hardly look more at home amongst the breathtaking beauty of Gorafe’s natural park. 

Internationally celebrated artist Lázaro Guil, who began creating sculptures as a child and was enrolled at Granada Art School at just 12-year-old, is perhaps best known in Andalusia for painstakingly restoring Michelangelo’s Pieta in the Cathedral of Guadix, after it was destroyed in the Civil War. 

The 62-year-old’s work has been exhibited all over Spain, as well as in France, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, the United States, England, Italy, Algeria, and Morocco and in total she has made 35 monumental pieces since 1979. 

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Mariángeles Lázaro Guil

Her latest sculpture, a hollowed-out tree that captures and plays with light like a larger than life shadow lantern, will be exhibited on the roof of the CIM + CIC Megalithic Interpretation Centre for the next. 

Measuring 3.60 meters high and 80 centimeters, the banana tree bark has been fossilized with resin and will be showcased tonight for the first time in Gorafe as part of the Annual LandArt exhibition. 

The multidisciplinary Spanish artist, who was born in Almería, said her works are meant to be presented or installed mainly in outdoor spaces in a bid to bring her art closer to the public. 

The incredible sculpture will be unveiled tonight at CIM + CIC Megalithic Interpretation Center at the town in the north of Granada that boasts a population of just 474 people. 

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